College Council Health Education Peer - Founders


The College Council Health Education Peer (CCHEP) position is a work study position for students affiliated with the York University Colleges. The CCHEP works as a liaison between the College Council and the Health Education and Promotion team. The CCHEP is responsible for identifying themselves as the health representative in the college, establishing and maintaining positive relationships with the college councils, faculty clubs, and college affiliated student clubs.

The College Council Health Education Peers are also tasked with identifying the health concerns of the college community; organizing engaging programming that addresses those needs and assisting in the facilitation of those programs. CCHEPs will be responsible for working to ensure wellness is built in to social programming within the College and will be responsible for health education programming during Orientation week. In addition, CCHEPs are responsible for seeking out ongoing partnership opportunities with other college staff to ensure that events are heavily promoted and linked with other programming already taking place in the colleges. CCHEPs are also responsible for ongoing passive programming such as Potty Papers, Bulletin Boards and tabling events.

The College Council Health Education Peers will be trained in a number of health topics (Alcohol and Other Drugs, Mental Health, Nutrition, Sexual Health, etc.), using the framework of harm-reduction, anti-oppression and Flourishing Campus. It is expected that the CCHEP will set a positive example by conducting themselves in a manner that aligns with Health Education Guidelines and the Student Code of Rights & Responsibilities. They will report to their respective College Council and Coordinator, Health Education & Promotion.

Role details and Requirements:

1.    Hold a position on affiliated College Council and attend all training & development offered to the council;

2.    Uphold and follow the College Council Constitution and By-laws;

3.    Meet with College Council and Health Education & Promotion to gain an understanding of the background of the existing programs, the vision and the work currently being undertaken within the University;

4.    Develop and maintain strong, positive and appropriate relationships with community members, peer leaders, etc. to ensure approachability and the creation of a cohesive community;

5.    Collaborate with college council as well as with other college groups for larger scale events;

6.    Work with the Health Education Coordinator and on-campus stakeholders (e.g. Student Counselling & Development and Learning Skills) to promote larger scale events and educational opportunities for members of the college community;

7.    Complete all mandatory training (both in-person and online) to ensure that they possess all of the necessary skills to be an effective Peer Health Educator;

8.    Work as a team player by focusing on consistency, communication and support within the college community and the Health Education and Promotion team;

9.    Assist in analyzing the effectiveness of the program, e.g., evaluation forms, reflection exercises, etc.;

10.  Complete and submit timesheets on time, according to the pay roll schedule;

11.  Maintain strong, ongoing and clear communication with the College Council and Health Education & Promotion;

12.  Leverage health concerns that arise from interactions with members of the College communities and create opportunities for new programming within the colleges;

13.  Work with York Orientation Directors Association to embed wellness into their colleges Social Orientation week;

14.  Organize and present Health Education programming during Social Orientation;

15.  Ensure that there are both passive and active opportunities for students to learn and practice desired health behaviours;

16.  Attend bi-weekly meetings with the Health Education & Promotion and scheduled College Council meetings;

17.  Other duties as assigned by the Coordinator, Health Education & Promotion

Mandatory Training Sessions:

College Council Health Education Peers must attend EVERY training session highlighted or else they may not be able to continue as a Peer:

1.    Summer Learning Modules, July-August 2018
2.    August Training, last week of August
3.    TPHN (Toronto Peer Health Network), first Saturday in January after classes resume


Applicants must be affiliated with the College they are applying for and all applicants for this position must be eligible for work study. Offers to international students are based on whether we can get ISEP funding.  Strong organizational, communication, delegation and leadership skills are an asset as is any prior experience in coordinating a team.

Job Duration:

The College Council Health Education Peer will be employed by Health Education and Promotion from September 2018- April 2019.


College Council Health Education Peers will work 10 hours per week.

Rate of Pay:

$14 per hour

How to Apply:

Email your resume and cover letter to Steph Francis.