Financial Support Peer

Position type: YES – York Engaged Student

Job Title: Financial Support Peer

Fall/Winter hours: 10-12 hours/week at $14-$15/hr

Number of Openings: 4

Year Level: Year 2+

Location: Bennett Centre, Welcome Desk

Position Start Date: September 5, 2018

As part of your work study experience, you will be asked to participate in Becoming YU – a new program designed to support students in creating meaningful goals and objectives, recognize the value of your experiences, identify the leadership and career competencies you gain through these experiences and confidently articulate your skills and experiences, whether it’s for a future job or further education opportunity.  Throughout your work/study experience you will have the opportunity to meet regularly with your coach to set goals and objectives, report and reflect on your progress and get valuable feedback.


The Office of Student Financial Services will be launching a Peer Advising program in September of 2018. If you are a dynamic and creative leader with the desire to help your fellow peers, this is the opportunity for you. We are looking for self-starters who wish to make an impact on the York community by shaping this inaugural program.

The Peer Advising program is peer-to-peer model where upper year Financial Support Peers are provided with the tools to develop the skills to share their financial experiences, wisdom and advice through mentorship conversations and presentations.

Financial Support Peers will actively listen to students and make effective and accurate referrals to the various financial resources on campus, with the aim of assisting students in obtaining as much financial support as possible.

Financial Support Peers are excellent team-players, listeners, communicators, networkers, problem-solvers, and peer mentors. They possess superior interpersonal skills and display their enthusiasm about studying at York University and being an active member of the community. They possess personal experience with York University’s financial services and supports. They are energetic, organized and committed to making each student’s financial aid experience at York as smooth as possible.  Financial Support Peers have the ability to translate their personality to an online forum and will be comfortable integrating their general financial aid experience in a mentorship capacity.

Overview of duties and responsibilities:

Financial Support Peers provide front-line, peer-to-peer advice to all enquiring students at the Welcome Desk of the Bennett Centre. They undertake any and all tasks associated with its smooth functions. Major functions include:

Acting as a York Ambassador, welcoming and mentoring prospective and current students who seek financial assistance at the Bennett Centre.
Providing peer-to-peer mentorship, including fostering self-agency and sharing best practices, to obtain financial aid support at York
Cultivating partnerships and collaborations within the Office of the University Registrar/Student Success Centre to create a platform for triaging accurate and effective referrals
Developing and maintaining positive relationships with on-campus groups to create and deliver programming that addresses student gaps in student financial aid knowledge.
Delivering occasional workshops to current students on financial services content (e.g. How to apply for OSAP, How to create a personal budget, etc.).  Note: Training for all workshop content will be provided by the Office of Student Financial Services.
Planning and creating digital content that engages the York Community, including creating targeted financial aid services content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.
Additional requirements:

Experience in applying for OSAP and/or a University Scholarship is strongly preferred.  Financial Support Peers must feel comfortable sharing their (general) experience with other students in a mentorship capacity.

Mandatory Training:
Please not that there will be mandatory job training required for this position during the summer. This training will be fully paid and, for your convenience, the training can be done online. The date of this training is to be announced.

The Bennett Centre Welcome Desk is scheduled to operate between 10am-4pm on Mondays to Fridays in the Fall/Winter semester.  Students must maintain full-time undergraduate course status. Shifts are flexible and will be scheduled around one’s academic schedule.

How to apply:

1)    Please include an updated resume including your on-campus involvement.  Please outline if you have experience in applying for OSAP and/or a scholarship.  Preference will be given to upper year students who have a demonstrated track record of sustained involvement in campus life, including co-curricular involvement in their respective College, participation in student clubs or government, part-time or volunteer work in a service unit of the university, and involvement in campus orientation or recruitment events.

2)    Please complete the Student Financial Services Creative Assignment as outlined below. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

3)   Please submit your complete application package via email to Saba Rafiq:

Student Financial Services Creative Assignment:

The inauguration of the Peer to Peer Financial Advising Program provides a unique opportunity for candidates to make a lasting impact on the program. We are looking for creativity and future potential.

This assignment is your opportunity to creatively showcase how you would identify the needs of current students and respond to them as a future Financial Support Peer.  You may choose whatever digital creative medium you feel strongly represents your skills i.e creative use of social media or video blog or YouTube.

Content – How would you welcome a current student and assist them in finding the financial aid resources required on campus?  How successful are you in identifying their needs and making effective referrals?  How did you weave your own personal story of successfully obtaining OSAP and/or a scholarship into the assignment?  What measures of success did you employ to determine if the interaction was professional, positive and effective?

Creative digital/social media – Is your creative medium relevant and captivating?  We value “artistic” skill, but the assignment is being judged on how you would support students.  This is your chance for you to show us how you communicate in person and how you would connect students to resources and provide mentorship advice.

NOTE: Applications are due on Monday, June 11 at 12pm (noon).