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Tables & Kiosk Booking

Booking Space in the Vari Hall Kiosk

Book a Table for Tabling


Booking Space in the Vari Hall Kiosk

The RED Zone Kiosk, located in the Vari Hall Rotunda, can now be booked by department based peer staff working with any of the units within SCLD or academic departments! This is a great way to promote the facet of SCLD or department you are working with in one of the busiest areas of the University.

Please Note: Peer groups and department based groups are part of a larger department within the University. Booking the Vari Hall Kiosk is different than tabling by student clubs and organizations.


How to Book the Kiosk
Kiosk booking requests are to be sent by email to Lyna Truong.

Please include the following information in your request to use the Vari Hall Kiosk:

■ Proposed Date of Event

■ Start and End time of your event

■ Event Name

■ Type of Event

■ Contact person’s name and number

■ Department Name

■ Approximate Number of People Staffing Event

■ Location Preference

• Kiosk bookings will not be confirmed until the above information is provided.

• Once all pertinent information is received, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

• Should there be any last minute changes to your booking, we will notify you immediately using the contact information you have provided us.

• The kiosk hours are Monday-Friday 10am-4pm



• You are responsible for your own signage and supplies.

• Please note that the use of chairs will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. Should you require additional chairs, we will be unable to facilitate that request.



If your event is cancelled, please contact us immediately so that we can make the space available for someone else.


Book a Table for Tabling

Space is allocated to student groups/organizations officially registered with the Centre for Student Community & Leadership Development (SCLD).


• An application form must be completed to reserve space.

• Filling out an application does not guarantee a booking.

• Space will not be reserved by telephone.

• To ensure availability, space should be booked five business days prior to the event.

• Cancellations may be made by calling (416) 736-5144.

All bookings are subject to cancellation without notice.

SCLD will reserve one table and two chairs for use by the applicant subject to the following conditions:

1. Tables and chairs must be picked up from 144A Central Square (next to Scott Religious Centre) and carried to the designated location by the signing authority or table staff. Tables are not to be left unattended at any time.

2. Tables in Vari Hall must be located against one of the north quadrants of the Rotunda that face the Commons.

3. All tables and chairs must be returned to 144A Central Square (next to Scott Religious Centre) by the specified time. Groups failing to return their tables and chairs may be denied future use of space.

4. Groups are not permitted to move table locations once application has been approved without the permission of SCLD.

5. Tables are to be used for the dissemination of information, club promotion, membership recruitment, and fundraising.

6. Bake sales or events serving food must be approved by Food Services in advance.

7. Cultural and larger events will be recommended to be held in the East Bear Pit area.

8. Sound amplification is not permitted during regular tabling hours (including musical instruments).

9. The academic/administrative needs of the University take precedence over any booking for use of space. As such, these bookings are subject to cancellation without notice.

10. Users are asked to respect their proximity to the Library and must comply with the University's food and alcohol policies, non-smoking policies, fire and safety requirements, etc.

11. All groups/organizations must, at all times, maintain a clean, orderly, and informative environment when using space. Adhesive tape must not be used on the walls or windows; hooks, magnets, and string are recommended. No adhesives are permitted on wooden, drywall, or glass surfaces.

12. We require 24 hours notice for cancellation. Groups failing to show may be denied future use of space.

13. Organizations must respect the fact that there will be groups tabling around them and therefore cannot disturb or otherwise take away from what other groups are promoting by their actions. The aim of all groups tabling must be to create a peaceful atmosphere for everyone and not interfere with what another group is doing, so long as it does not violate any policies or procedures.

14. Violations of tabling rules and regulations will result in organizations losing future tabling privileges including those that have been previously confirmed.

The University reserves the right to terminate a tabling session should the University determine that there is a significant issue that prevents the event from continuing.

It is the responsibility of the signing authority to ensure that users of space abide by Presidential Regulations and all other University policies and procedures.


Office information:
Student Community & Leadership Development
S 172 Ross Building
Telephone: 416-736-5144


Updated on June 16th, 2014.